Modern Architecture

Architectural Collaborative LLC is a multi-disciplinary firm, with practice areas including all types of new construction, sustainable design, historic preservation, existing building conditions evaluation, master planning, and preservation planning.

Sustainable Fashion Boutique

Community is a boutique for sustainable fashion and locally made products. Its mission is to create and sell sustainable clothing and goods by utilizing vintage and eco-friendly materials for minimum impact on the environment.

Image by STIL
Trees From Above

Nonprofit for Sustainability and Community

An organization dedicated to the growth and empowerment of all. The Eco Incubator is a collective focused on harnessing local skills and community efforts to build something greater, something sustainable.

Clean Energy and Technology Consulting

Greenlink uses its award-winning modeling tool, Athenia, to evaluate the most pressing questions of today's energy market for every hour, every city, state, and every utility in the United States. The integrated modeling platform developed to support energy system analysis at multiple levels.

Solar Panel
Image by Dan Meyers


Coffee Farm

With the mission of "cultivating
next-generation farmers", this coffee farm is dedicated to align global supply chains, transforming farmers into empowered producers.

Wholesale Plant Nursery

Wholesale and online retailer for plants, fertilizer, and soils that also specializes in landscape design.

Pottery Workshop

Ceramic Studio and Gallery

This studio has a community area that is shared by up to 12 resident ceramic artists. There are 4 wheels (2 electric, a kick-wheel, & treadle wheel) and three work tables, as well as a drying rack and glazing area. There is also a gallery for artists to showcase their work.

Urban Sustainable Farm

This urban farm is woman-owned and operated and the long-time dream of Rita O'Brien. The sustainable farm grows stunning flowers and delicious vegetables & herbs that are carefully tended to with respect to our bodies and the environment.