Eco Incubator Sustainability Weekend!

Information from Eco Incubator:

It's been a while since The Eco Incubator has had an event. We missed you!

We're back and hosting sustainability activist, Rob Greenfield (@robjgreenfield) on April 2nd & 3rd. We are offering workshops and hands-on opportunities to learn how to live more sustainably.

If you are a beginner at sustainable living and would love to get your hands dirty for the weekend, this is a great opportunity for you!


Join Us and Learn How to:

  • Start and care for a garden

  • Plant and care for fruit trees 

  • Harvest rainwater

  • Build a compost bin and compost


Be one of the 10 lucky volunteers to work side-by-side with Eco Inc.’s founder, Anne Alexis and Rob Greenfield on April 2nd & 3rd from

10 am-4 pm.  

Register to volunteer here:

Day 1:

Day 2:



A piece by Terry News just came out on Triple Impact Consulting! The article talks about how the club was founded by students with a common interest in sustainability and highlights one of our client teams with R&R Secret Farms. The article is linked below!



Triple Impact Consulting was one of thirteen UGA Campus Sustainability Grant winners for 2021 awarded by the Office of Sustainability.