2021 - 2022 EXEC BOARD

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I think incorporating sustainability into urban planning and city design is essential to the health and wellbeing of residents, and I am excited to view how our world increasingly prioritizes sustainability within business decisions, infrastructure, and urban design in the near future. 

Finance and International Business Co-Majors, French Minor, Certificate in Workforce Diversity

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VP of Internal Affairs 

I'm interested in sustainability because I want to preserve our environment and resources for the enjoyment and use of future generations. I believe that we can use community organizing to find impactful solutions and businesses for good to change the way we operate.

Supply Chain Management and International Business Co-Major, Certificate of Sustainability

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VP of Finance

My goal is to live mindfully, and I think sustainability is one of the most important ways we can take care of ourselves and each other. I'm interested in sustainability because I want to influence the world around me by educating others that sustainability can be incorporated into everyone's lives. 

Biological Sciences and Avian Biology Double-Major, Environmental Health Science Minor

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Co-Head of Social Impact

I am interested in sustainability because of its intersectionality with social issues. I think it's important to work towards sustainability if we want to address social issues we face as a society.

BBA Economics and AB Sociology Double-Major

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Co-Head of Social Impact

I became interested in sustainability after watching a documentary about the ethical and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. However, as I've done more research, I have become much more interested in environmental racism and the effects of climate change on POC communities.

Computer Science Major



VP of Marketing

I am interested in how sustainability ties into the global sourcing strategies of the apparel and textile industry, specifically focusing on the luxury fashion sector. Aside from this, I am also very interested in sustainability within the scope of product development in terms of bio textiles and innovations in raw materials for fashion design.

Business Management with an emphasis in Supply Chain Logistics and Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis in Product Development and Design Double-Major 

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Head of Graphic Design

I'm interested in learning more about how corporations can make a difference in the way sustainability is viewed. I'm also interested in sustainable fashion and the use of bio-fabricated textiles.

Marketing Major, Fashion Merchandising Minor

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Newsletter Chief Editor

I am interested in sustainability because I am passionate about preserving the environment and promoting an equitable form of economic growth that doesn't occur at the expense of the planet's well-being.

A.B. Economics and M.S. Business Analytics Double-Major, Certificate in Personal & Organizational Leadership

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Website Chief Editor

Sustainability interests me because it plays a pivotal role in the growth of the world and promotes the longevity of the planet and future generations. I want to make an impact on the future and protect the planet.

Finance and International Business Co-Major, German Minor, Certificate of Sustainability